Custom Crosman P1377/1322 Pump Pellet Air Pistol: 5 Trigger, Breech, Pumper Mods

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This is a bolt action pumper airgun like the one you had as a kid, modded for the adult. These Crosman P1377's & P1322's have been modified to address all of the common issues that this otherwise outstanding air pistol has, detailed below. These mods turn this otherwise "toy gun" into a serious backyard blaster! These guns are famously accurate & remarkably durable, making fantastic target shooters, small game hunters, or survival weapons. This bundle comes with a free tin of pellets and some splatter targets to get you started right away. 


Available in either .177 or .22 caliber options. .177 pellets are cheaper and lighter, offering a faster & flatter trajectory great for target use. .22 pellets are larger & heavier with more stopping power, great for hunting and don't drift in wind at range quite as much. 

For the serious modder out there, these airguns are some of if not the most modifiable of any on the market. Everything from power mods such as upgraded valves & pistons to custom bolt handles, target triggers, attractive wood grips, to shiny brass parts to longer barrels & more are all readily available on the aftermarket for this gun! 

Grips & Forearm color: Please put a note during checkout if you would like brown grips and forearm, otherwise you will receive black. 

List of Modifications:

  • Slick Trigger: The stock trigger has a pull weight of ~10lbs, this trigger has been modded to approximately 2.5-3lbs using a lightened trigger spring in combination with a heavily polished brass .22LR casing fitted tightly on the spring to trigger sear contact point. This results in a smooth, consistent & light trigger release. 
  • Slick Loading Breech: The breech screw well catches pellets during loading, causing much frustration and often damaging the pellet skirt. We have solved this issue with a wax coating over the breech screw, leading to perfect, smooth, damage free pellet loading, every time. Wax is easily removed if access to the breech screw is ever needed. 
  • Quiet Pumper: The stock pump forearm makes a horrendous "CLACK!" sound as it impacts against the metal main tube. We have reduced this drastically to a muted "thud" by inconspicuously placing some 1/4" thick neoprene held in with ultra-thick & strong double sided Gorilla tape & protected with vinyl tape wrap, all underneath the forearm hidden from sight. 
  • Tight Pump-Arm: The stock pump-arm pivot is very loose and sloppy when the pump-arm is extended out. We insert a properly sized washer to space out the action leading to a more durable and pleasant pumping experience.
  • Factory Clean & Lube: Airguns are nifty in that they do not require barrel cleaning like traditional powder burner guns do. However, the barrels come loaded with gunk straight from the factory left over from the manufacturing process. We deep clean the barrel so you don't have to get a pricey cleaning kit for a one-off use. In addition, we apply Crosman Pellgunoil to all 3 pivot points, pump cup & bolt O-ring so your new gun is in tip top shape ready to shoot. 

Optional Upgrades: 

Optional Suppressor (Comes with Roll-Pin Upgrade): Add a functional removable thread-on suppressor. It really, truly works. The report on these airguns can be surprisingly audible, particularly in non-open spaces and may not be suitable for many urban backyard settings. With the suppressor option, these really can be shot just about anywhere without causing any suspicion. All that is heard with this option is the action of the hammer; the compressed air "snap" virtually cannot be heard. We include an upgraded rollpin standard with the suppressor add-on. 

Optional Roll-Pin Replacement: The stock rollpin that holds the pump arm to the airgun can over time work its way loose, particularly if not regularly oiled as per Crosman guidelines. Also, if you ever need to remove it to for instance install power mods it can be a bit of a pain to punch it out with a hammer, and each time this is done may create added weakness to the press fit pin. This optional upgrade replaces the rollpin with a steel cylinder held in place with small bolts on either side, solving these issues. For the most longevity out of your airgun, we recommend this upgrade up front so you don't have to worry about it down the line. We do not make anything on this upgrade, but offer it at below cost for those who want the most out of their purchase. 

Pellgunoil: For maintaining your airgun, you will want Crosman Pellgunoil to easily oil the airgun in the manner described in the included Crosman manual. Pellgunoil will not degrade the airgun seals like normal gun oil. We provide .25oz Pellgunoil here (enough to last many years) at cost for convenience. Add it to your cart along with an airgun and automatically receive 20% off the Pellgunoil. 

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Condition: New
Part Type: Air Pistol
Model: American Classic 1377
EJR SKU: 2910