Custom Crosman 2240 CO2 Pellet Air Pistol (Trigger/Breech Mods) BUNDLE +Silencer

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These Crosman 2240's have been modified to address the common issues that this otherwise outstanding air pistol has, detailed below. These mods turn this otherwise "toy" into a seriously fun & quality airgun! 
This airgun is also bundled with everything you need to start shooting right away and keep your airgun going for years.

1x Small tin of pellets
2x Crosman 12g Co2 powerlets
1x 30wt non-detergent oil in dropper bottle
2x Splatter target sheets


List of Modifications:

  • Slick Trigger: The stock trigger has a pull weight of ~10lbs, this trigger has been modded to approximately 2.5-3lbs using a lightened trigger spring in combination with a heavily polished brass .22LR casing fitted tightly on the spring to trigger sear contact point. This results in a smooth, consistent & light trigger release. 
  • Slick Loading Breech: The breech screw well catches pellets during loading, causing much frustration and often damaging the pellet skirt. We have solved this issue with a wax coating over the breech screw, leading to perfect, smooth, damage free pellet loading, every time. Wax is easily removed if access to the breech screw is ever needed. 
  • Factory Clean & Lube: Airguns are nifty in that they do not require frequent barrel cleaning like traditional powder burner guns do. However, the barrels come loaded with gunk straight from the factory left over from the manufacturing process. We deep clean the barrel so you don't have to get a pricey cleaning kit for a one-off use. 

Optional Suppressor: Add a functional suppressor. It really, truly works. The report on these airguns is surprisingly audible and may not be suitable for many urban backyard settings. With the suppressor option, these really can be shot just about anywhere without causing any suspicion. The "snap" from the compressed air is reduced significantly, so the impact on the target is generally louder than the airgun itself! 

Maintenance: It is recommended to put a drop of included oil on the tip of every second CO2 cartridge you install, as well as a drop or 2 on the small bolt probe O-ring about every 4 CO2 cartriges. It's also a good idea once in a great while, if dried up, to put some oil on the threads of the CO2 endcap to prevent seizing over time. 

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Condition: New
Part Type: Air Pistol
Model: 2240
EJR SKU: 3521